Anna-Karin Karlsson Sunglasses Women
Anna-Karin Karlsson was thrown into the highest end of eyewear fashion at 19 when she started to work in the oldest and one of the most renowned opticians in London. The tradition of bespoke services in and around Saville Row extended into the Old Bond Street practise where Karlsson learnt the next to extinct trade of creating made to measure spectacle frames.She developed a deep understanding of the artisanal work and its’ panache and soon she dispensed and designed eyewear for Sultans, Princesses, Kings, Dukes and mere Fashionistas.Setting fashion for the fashion forward and learning from the best, Karlsson became a part of the fashion scene around Mayfair and flourished alongside the likes of the McQueen’s and Formichetti’s and learned the trick of their trades.Music is a major influence in Anna-Karin’s life and work and while establishing herself in the world of optical design she also moved up in the UK underground music scene. Karlsson would write and record music and was signed to independent music labels. Always with one foot in the wealth and glamour and the other in the grime.

Anna-Karin Karlsson Sunglasses

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