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Born out of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia – Local Supply reimagines what’s important in a pair of sunglasses: A look you can wear anywhere, quality features that matter, and a price tag that leaves more for the other great things in life.Working with the eyewear industry’s leading designers, we present stylish, unisex sunglasses with strong, lightweight frames and polarized lenses as standard.We find a much greater purpose for our sunglasses – from the adventures that we enjoy with friends and family, to those being enjoyed by locals around the world. They are the lenses through which locals connect and experience life. We are proud to supply the perfect sunglasses for life’s adventures – good-looking, functional and affordable – Local Supply, for locals everywhere.We value leisure over luxury. There is no greater luxury than having free time and freedom. Our vision is to offer refinement and purpose in our products without the luxury price tag. Local Supply sunglasses are made for locals everywhere to go anywhere.

Local Supply Sunglasses

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