SpiltMilk is a New York based eyewear brand built on the most dynamic pinnacles in fashion today. Representing the conjunction between fashion and culture, SpiltMilk is created for the leader of society battling the status quo. Each frame, meticulously handcrafted in Japan, utilises an array of precious metals and comes in highly saturated shades of colour including magenta, cobalt and chartreuse just to name a few. The spear-like hinges and temples that mimic a slender milk drop, create a frame that demands authority and evokes a strong presence.

SpiltMilk is the development of silhouettes that have no gender. Each revolutionary shape is constructed to exude androgyny while simultaneously playing on the most essential parts of the masculine and feminine. The frames range from oversized high arch brows to the exceptionally thin cat-eye frame, playing on the concept of extremes. SpiltMilk stands behind the values of authenticity, influence and authority.

Spiltmilk Sunglasses

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