ESTABLISHED’s designs embodies classic styling, with a modern interoperation of line, shape and colour. All of the glasses in ESTABLISHED EYEWEAR’s collection are handcrafted using traditional methods. The frames start with the highest quality M49 Cellulose Acetate,a ECO friendly, hypoallergenic and renewable natural material that is the specialty of Italy’s Mazzucchelli, which has been plying its craft since 1849. Based on wood and cotton fibres, Cellulose Acetate provides ESTABLISHED frames with a rich range of colours, an easy-to-wear lightness, and a reliable flexibility.

Melbourne designer Shaun Gamarra, whose illustrious career in fashion started in retail and quickly escalated to curating international labels, created Established Eyewear with the aim of providing premium caliber sunglasses at accessible prices. He designed the pieces as statement accessories with the versatility and ease to function from casual to formal occasions, from beach holidays to casual weekends, from hectic work weeks to leading creative enterprises. The collection features fine quality pieces meticulously hand crafted by artisans in Hong Kong, fitted with scratch resistant, six base polarized German lenses by renowned manufacturer Carl Zeiss Vision, custom cellulose Italian bio acetate frames by Mazzucchelli, and OBE & OBR stainless steel hinges by COMMO TECH .