The Eyeconomist meets Martin Jegede and Eve Lucron: the partners behind Lovebullets – a story turned Glastonbury stage turned jewellery brand

“The idea’s about bringing opposing ideas together, it’s the dark with the light, the good with the bad, the moon with the sun, the idea is about giving meaning to one through the other and the transformation of those objects from one to another: that’s Lovebullets” these the considered words of Martin Jegede, former clothing, accessories designer and co-founder of Lovebullets explaining how exactly buying an old tank translated to making jewellery via curating a stage at Glastonbury where last summer Fatboy Slim played back-to-back with Eats Everything, Fatboy Slim’s first b2b set in twenty years “we’ve always wanted to bring these ideas together and bring different people together, that’s our thing.”

The whole thing started with a story that founder and former designer Martin came up with, “it’s about an angel who comes to Earth” explains Eve, “turning all of the objects of destruction into objects of love, all of the bullets and all of the weapons turned in to love. The idea isn’t that all of the objects are destroyed or that the angel creates new objects of love but that one is transformed into the other, that’s the story that’s at the heart of the brand and what everything is built out of.”

The story was brought to life for the first time in 2008 and manifested as Martin and Eve’s curated their first Lovebullets stage at Glastonbury. The pair had bought a disused military tank “from a mate at the MOD” and converted into a DJ booth to form the centre of the Lovebullets stage. “We knew we had to do it at Glastonbury, it’s where we’d met and where we knew people would understand what we wanted to say and now we’ve done it every year since, we’ve built up a team who are like family and we bring together more and more people so we can keep pushing it and making it better every year.”

Martin & Eve are wearing sunglasses from Retrosuperfuture and Max Pittion. Click the images to shop the brands.

Lovebullets piece shown; 18Ct Gold Dalmation Jasper Crystal Chain

Next week sees a new chapter come to life for the brand with them curating a weeklong party at The Box in Soho, starting appropriately enough on Valentine’s Day and ending with The Box’s birthday celebration on the 18th. “The project came about through our friendship with Simon (Hammerstein, owner and founder of The Box) who’s an amazing creative, we’ve always built things through finding people and collaborating with people to create something that’s really special and really unique. That’s everything from lasers to wood workers, set designers and obviously the musicians and DJs just building up a team who we really like and want to work together with. Simon’s the same really, he just gets what we’re talking about and we knew that The Box would be the right kind of place for us, somewhere that has similar ideas and a place with cool vibes, sort of like what we do at Glastonbury but in a club environment, it just felt right and it’s been amazing to work with them.” The nights will centre around the same ideas of contrast that run through all of their work and be as multi-sensory and impressive as possible, “their team will create one part in their vision and we’ll create another part in our vision and then we’ll come together and it’ll be a collaboration and the joining together of the two of us, that’s what we want, to always create something that’s new and that’s cool.”